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 Lower Parts Kits include all of the small bits & pieces needed to make your AR-15 Lower fully functional. Such as the mag release, take-down pins, selector, trigger guard, bolt catch, buffer retainer, roll-pins, detents, and small springs are included to allow completion. 'Mil-Spec' fire control group kits include stronger springs meant to ignite hardened primers found on M855 (Green Tip), XM193, and other military 5.56x45mm loads.

Brand: The AR-15 Lower Parts Kit w/ No Grip is produced by Recoil Technologies with high-quality steel & brass components.

Platform: Mil-Spec AR-15

FCG Included: The AR-15 Lower Parts Kit w/ No Grip by Recoil Technologies comes with a Mil-Spec Fire Control Group to ensure reliable operation and ignition of hardened rifle primers.

Weight: The overall weight of the AR-15 Lower Parts Kit w/ No Grip Kit is 0.355lbs.

Recoil Technologies Lower Parts Kit - No grip

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