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AR-15 Stainless Steel Anti-Walk Pin Set Made in the U.S.A.

Anti-walk pins, also known as anti-rotation pins, are a component often used in firearms, including the AR-15 platform. Their purpose is to prevent the movement or rotation of certain parts within the firearm, ensuring consistent and reliable operation. Specifically, anti-walk pins are commonly used to address the following issues:

Trigger and Hammer Pin Movement: In an AR-15, the trigger and hammer pins hold the trigger and hammer assembly in place. Excessive movement or rotation of these pins can lead to unreliable trigger pull and potentially affect accuracy. Anti-walk pins are designed to securely hold these pins in place, preventing any unwanted movement during firing.

Enhanced Durability: Some shooters may subject their firearms to high levels of stress, such as rapid firing or heavy use. Anti-walk pins can help distribute stress more evenly across the lower receiver, reducing the wear and tear on the trigger and hammer pin holes. This can contribute to the overall durability and longevity of the firearm.

Consistency and Accuracy: Maintaining consistent trigger pull and hammer movement is crucial for accuracy and precision shooting. Anti-walk pins help ensure that the trigger and hammer components remain in the correct position, contributing to a consistent and repeatable shooting experience.

Improved Safety: Unintended movement or rotation of trigger and hammer pins can potentially lead to malfunctions or misfires, posing a safety risk to the shooter and those around them. Anti-walk pins can help mitigate this risk by preventing such movement.

Keeps trigger/hammer pins from "walking" out of the receiver
Helps prevent wear and enlargement of the receiver trigger/hammer pin holes
Stainless Steel construction

AR-15 Stainless Steel Anti-Walk Pin Set-Made in U.S.A.

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